Best magnetic mount phone charger

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Just put it on the car vent, and simply put your phone on it, the magnet car mount can hold it sturdily.

Product Detail

If you want to go with a little more discreet-looking wireless charger, a magnetic mount phone charger is a good choice. The Lantaisi CW12 Wireless is available in versions with air-vent, CD slot and dashboard car mount. I tried the air-vent version, which has a locking mechanism on the air vent clip that keeps the charger mount securely attached to the vent.

For your wireless phone to work with a magnetic car mount, you either need a case with some metal built into it (which I have) or you can attach one of the included slim stick-on metal plates to the back of your phone (stick it toward the bottom so it doesn’t interfere with the wireless charging circuitry in the middle of it). You can even cover the plate with your phone case, but make sure the case isn’t too thick or your phone won’t stick to the charger mount.

The Lantaisi CW12 magnetic wireless car charger mount includes a dual USB car charger that has an extra USB port for charging a second device. The included cable is USB-C, which have accelerated charging capabilities. My iPhone 11 Pro stayed on the charger securely, but those with larger phones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would probably do better to go with one of the wireless charger options above.

There are different colors like white, black and customized colors for you to order. And this type is really popular and simple, elegant.

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