wireless charger

our commitment

In order to solve the customer's product needs, our company has established a special team. Therefore, we can assure customers:
  • One-to-One


    We provide personalized one-to-one service to satisfy buyers.
  • Time Response

    Time Response

    We will answer customer's questions in a short time, so that customers can relax.
  • Confidentiality


    Both of us signed a confidentiality agreement to ensure the safety of the project.
    • Wireless fast charging technology
    • PD fast charging technology
    • Multi-coil technology
    • Composite product customization development technology
    • 30 MM long distance wireless charging solution for furniture
  • DQE
  • DQE
  • SQE
  • SQE
  • PQE
  • PQE
  • CQE
  • CQE

How to reassure customers?

Lantaisi team always pursues high-quality, zero-defect, safe and environmentally friendly products. We provide flexible support, qualified products, reasonable prices and high-quality services to satisfy our customers. Reassuring customers is our business philosophy, so we have very strict product quality control. In order to achieve the goal of quality control, we have a complete quality control department.

  • DQE (Design Quality Engineer)

    DQE ensures that the design results meet the needs of customers, and strictly manages the analysis, processing, judgment, decision-making and correction of the entire technical operation process of the design. For example: In the preliminary quality control and planning of new products, DQE must be responsible for the design sample production, trial mode, and trial production of new products, and must do a large number of confirmatory tests to verify whether the products produced meet customer requirements and Whether it is satisfied in application, dig out and solve all the problems existing in the manufacturing process.
  • SQE (Supplier Quality Engineer)

    SQE controls the quality of raw materials provided by suppliers, from passive inspection to active control, advances quality control, puts quality issues in the first place, reduces quality costs, realizes effective control, and samples suppliers participating in the supply Evaluate and give selected opinions.
  • PQE (Product Quality Engineer)

    According to the requirements of the project, PQE conducts data review for the research and development of new products and provides a PFMEA report. It is also responsible for the supervision and analysis of PQC (process quality control), FQC (finished product quality control), OQC (outgoing quality control) and other processes, pointing out loopholes and handling them in a timely manner.
  • CQE (customer Quality Engineer)

    CQE is responsible for the after-sales of the product. We will always stand behind our customers, regularly track and report, analyze the principles of product quality, formulate feasible standards and quantitative methods, and give preventive and corrective measures.