Desktop Type wireless charger TS01

Short Description:

TS01 is a desktop type wireless charger that is used for charging mobile phone and other Qi enabled devices, with 10W-15W Maximum output. When you need to charge your phone, just put it on TS01 and charge. It can be used at home, office or other places. Textured cloth leather surface and ABS shell, super light and easy to carry, make your life more convenient!

Product Detail

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TS01 is desktop type wireless charger that can be put on the surface of desk, table and even any other objects’ surface to charge your mobile phone wirelessly.

Specification of Desktop Type wireless charger TS01

Input: DC 5V-2A,DC 9V-1.67A Size: Ø100*H7.6mm
Output: 10W or 15W Color: black,white and customized
Charging Distance: 8mm Package size: 124*115*23mm
Standard/Certificate: QI certificate,FCC,CE,ROHS Package weight: 128g
Charging Conversion Rate: ≧80% Master carton size: 400*315*375mm (108 pcs per carton)
Net weight: 65g Master carton weight: 12.5kg
Package content: Device,1m long Micro USB cable, user manual

Application scenario:

Desktop wireless charger-----


Inside your smartphone is a receiver induction coil made of copper.

The wireless charger contains a copper transmitter coil.

When you place your phone on the charger, the transmitter coil generates an electromagnetic field that the receiver converts to electricity for the phone battery. This process is known as electromagnetic induction.

Because the copper receiver and transmitter coils are small, wireless charging only works over very short distances. Household products such as electric toothbrushes and shaving razors have been using this inductive charging technology for many years already.

How it works?

Obviously, the system isn’t completely wireless as you still have to plug the charger into the mains or a USB port. It just means you never have to connect a charging cable to your mobile phone.


Qi (pronounced ‘chee’, the Chinese word for ‘energy flow’) is the wireless charging standard adopted by the largest and most well-known technology manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung.

It works the same as any other wireless charging technology—it’s just that its rising popularity means it has quickly overtaken its competitors as the universal standard.

Qi charging is already compatible with the latest models of smartphone, such as the iPhones 8, XS and XR and the Samsung Galaxy S10. As newer models become available, they too will have a Qi wireless charging function built in.


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