What is the difference between the Front-loading and Rear-loading of the car wireless charging?

Advantages of car wireless charging

Car wireless charging is a technology product with the most praise and excellent application scenarios! It does not require frequent plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. It is a smart technology product that increases driving safety and improves the quality of life of car owners. It greatly improves the experience of using and charging mobile phones in the car.

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What is the difference between the front and rear of the car wireless charging?

Car wireless charging ways: front-loading and rear-loading

At present, there are two types of wireless charging in vehicles: front-loading and rear-loading.

In a words, front-loading means that the car is equipped with a wireless charging device before leaving the factory, which is generally located in the central storage box and armrest box, and the mobile phone can be charged by placing it on the charging device.

The rear-loading is to add an additional device such as a car holder wireless charging. The installation position is not fixed. It can be installed in the air conditioning vent, the car center console and it can be adsorbed on the windshield with the help of suction cups.


The wireless charging technology installed in the front of the car comes from the wireless charging solution provided by the wireless charging solution provider to the car OEM. If you want to ask which wireless charging supplier can achieve this technology, my answer is LANTAISI, which can provide you with technical solution guidance and support wireless phone charger for your car just like CW12.

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What are the requirements for the front-mounted car wireless charging technology?

As a qualified vehicle-mounted wireless charger, wireless charger certification is the most basic requirement. In addition, it also needs to meet strict vehicle-level hardware standards, and has certain level requirements for working temperature range, waterproof and dustproof, etc.

This includes a series of strict requirements such as E-Mark certification of the motor vehicle industry, factory system IATF16949, and EMC certification. It has strict standards, high costs, and long cycle times. These reasons make the front-loading market really capable of doing wireless charging manufacturers are few.

As for the rear-loading wireless charger, it is not part of the whole vehicle and is not subject to the mandatory certification standards of the car factory. Therefore, the rear-mounted wireless charger will be installed according to personal preferences.

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Which are the categories of rear-loading wireless charger ?

The first type of rear-loading wireless charger is a dedicated vehicle-mounted wireless charging. It is a product customized by a third-party manufacturer for a specific model. The original car data is modeled and embedded in an integrated design. It is actually a rear installation, but it visually achieves a similar effect to the front installation.

The second type of rear-mounted car wireless charger is a car wireless charging bracket, which is more common. There are four main types of car wireless charging brackets on the market: infrared induction brackets, gravity brackets, magnetic car brackets, voice car brackets, etc.

Among them, the infrared induction bracket needs a motor and an infrared sensor, the gravity bracket adopts a purely physical mechanical structure, the magnetic car bracket is connected by magnetic attraction, and the voice car bracket can be used with the App and has functions such as voice assistant.

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To sum up, car wireless charging is a fairly high-frequency wireless charging usage scenario, which is convenient and safe to use, and one-handed operation frees both hands. As for the performance of the in-vehicle wireless charging market, whether it is front or rear, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Under the general trend of wireless charging, we are also optimistic about the future performance of this important wireless charging scenario.

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